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Tiktok star frustrated people can’t accept can be gay and disabled

Stephen Thomas Smith
Stephen Thomas Smith Image credit:

TikTok star Stephen Thomas Smith has shared the frustration he has when people assume just because he has a disability it can’t be gay.

As a young lad he was known as “the disabled kid” and “person in the wheelchair”, when he came out it came as a shock to his family and friends at school.

Smith told the BBC: “I don’t think people usually think, ‘Oh this disabled person is gay or straight or they want to interact or they have desires’.”

He feels people with disabilities are not associated with having a sex drive or wanting to form romantic relationships.

Smith explained: “We’re portrayed to be helpless creatures who depend on people and we’re created to be animated.

“And we don’t fit into a certain gender – to be a man is to be strong, is to walk and talk in a certain way, and to be a woman is the same but as a woman.

“Because disabled people can’t abide to that etiquette of the body, we’re seen to be asexual, dependant creatures.

“We still have desires and we have our own minds. People need to stop looking at the physical and start really looking at people.”

Stephen went on to highlight the hostility he faces on the gay scene.

He said: “When I go to G-A-Y or Pride I get denied access to nightclubs because I’m ‘too drunk’ – when actually I’m sober – and I get told I’m on drugs.

“That’s my community and it’s supposed to be accepting but yet I go to that ‘safe space’ and get denied access.”

The TikTok star added: “I’m not particularly proud to be part of that community as a disabled person.”

G-A-Y is a long running gay nightclub which originally started in 1976 as a night at the London Astoria.