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Thugs attack disabled driver

Honda crashing into a Chevy
Honda crashing into a Chevy Image credit:

A disabled driver was brutally attacked after accidentally crashing a car which was performing donut spins in the middle of the road in Los Angeles.

After witnessing the crash a group of thugs ganged up on him, one of the hooligans despite realising the Honda driver had a disability, started to punch the man in the face.

The bullies saw the car collide with a Chevy, which tried to drive away after its airbags inflated. The mob then ran towards the Honda when the driver opened his door.

After one of the thugs kicked the door closed another breaks a window to climb inside the vehicle, when he opens a door one of his gang members starts to attack him mistaking their colleague for the driver.

When they finally see the man has a cane and cast most of the group calm down, but one ignores his disability and lands an extra few punches.

Another steals the man’s cane, but he thinks twice and gives it back to him.

The gang then flees after hearing police sirens from down the street.

Thousands of people, who have watched the video online caught by a witness, have come forward to help identify the thugs and launched fundraisers on behalf of the victim.

LAPD police have said they are yet to receive any reports about the attack.