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Thug attempts to murder gay disabled victim

 Firat Kaya
Firat Kaya Image credit:

A gay disabled man with hearing loss was brutally attacked by a criminal who had already been convicted of more than 30 violent crimes earlier this month.

Engin Elekci was invited to a café in Turkey by Firat Kaya to discuss plans about selling souvenirs with four other people, all with a hearing condition on March 22.

After the initial meeting Kaya invited the group back to a house in the mountains where the attack took place.

In a statement Elekci said: “We were six people in total. We drank alcohol. Then I asked for half the money I earned from Fırat. The person who was next to Fırat said ‘we do not give’.

“Then he started swearing… One of the people there hit me with something behind me. Then they all started hitting me. One of them even took out a belt and started hitting it with it.

“I was covered in blood. They took my photos at that moment.”

Following the assault Kaya posted the harrowing images on his Instagram account where he described the victim as “pervert gay scum”.

The pictures triggered the hashtag #FıratDelikanlıTutuklansın (Arrest Fırat Delikanlı) which eventually led to Firat being charged with kidnapping and attempted murder on March 25.

Firat’s arrest was shared by a Twitter user who supported the social media campaign.

They said: “A man who holds 30 records for crimes such as hijacking, fraud, and sexual assault shared videos and pictures of himself torturing a hearing-impaired young person stating the person being gay as a reason for the torture… Every fucking day, I wake up to these news and try to seek justice via Twitter.

“Don’t criticise people using social media to seek help. Believe me, if complaints and other legal methods were working, and necessary sanctions were applied, nobody would have dealt with hashtags anyway.”

Firat Kaya holding Engin Elekci's head covered in blood

 Firat Delikanli’s Instagram account has now been removed.