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Support worker refuses to wear facemask

screenshot of the man's video on tiktok
screenshot of the man's video on tiktok Image credit:

A disabled man from Queensland was horrified when a social worker turned up to drive him to a Covid-19 test centre suffering with the flu and refusing to wear a facemask.

It was not until she arrived to pick him up when the worker revealed they were unwell and had not been tested for coronavirus.

The man took to TikTok to express his concern. In his video he said: 'I'm immunocompromised, I've been in the ICU twice because of the flu... on top of that they highly recommend you don't get your vaccine if you could have another viral infection.'

When asked to wear a mask over her face the worker told the man she was except because she has breathing difficulties.

'Well if you're that sick you shouldn't have come here,' the man replied.

'Why are people so blasé about sickness and flu in Australia? You can't be like that when you're working with vulnerable people with disabilities.’

He went on to say the worker refused to have the jab because she was ‘concerned about what it would do’ to her.

In the video the man added: 'If you're going to be a disability or a health care worker, you have to adhere to the guidelines, care about the people you work for, and think about it instead of yourself.' 

'And if you can't handle a jab in the arm with a vaccine cause of your conspiracy theory pot smoking buddies, then don't work in healthcare just fuck off.' 

After posting his clip on TikTok the man received replies from viewers venting their frustration towards the social worker.

One message read: 'I'm angry for you. How selfish is she? Why does she think it's ok to put you at risk like that.'

Another replied: 'Please make a complaint. It doesn't matter if it's a cold or Covid. If you are working with vulnerable people you need to do the right thing.’

Support workers for disabled people in Queensland can receive the Pfizer vaccine as priority.