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Stanbridge Earls school to close

stanbridge earls school
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After months of damaging reports involving two alleged rape attacks on a pupil Stanbridge Earls school will finally close on 1 December.

The closure comes after a second inspection found the school failing to meet national minimum standards despite the arrival of new interim head teacher Maggie McMurray.

McMurray replaced disgraced headmaster Peter Trythall who left his role in April after being accused of not taking appropriate action after the aforementioned sexual abuse cases were brought to his attention.

A tribunal earlier this year found the teenage pupil, who cannot be named, failed to be protected at the school which caters for children with learning difficulties. Stanbridge Earls also has a troubled history of extensive bullying, suicides and further underage sexual activities most of which occurred under the unwatchable eye of previous Headmaster Howard Moxon.

ABLE2UK has faced criticism from some of our readership publishing previous articles relating to controversial incidents which occurred at the school, the recent decision from Ofsted to close Stanbridge supports our ongoing campaign the poor educational service should cease allowing a new ownership to professionally support pupils who require additional tutorial help.

Fortunately for the pupils lacking insuffiant education in a dangerous environment such as Stanbridge Gard’ner Memorial are expected to replace the school from 2014 as a series of meeting are planned with governors and the proposed head teacher.