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Son pulls out mum’s catheter during heated argument

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A son who ripped out his disabled mother’s catheter and broke her glasses has escaped a jail sentence.

Andrew Jones, 37, lashed out at the elderly woman when she ignored his temper and watched a movie on television instead.

Prosecutor Eleanor Scott-Davies told Canterbury Crown Court: “He was babbling and went to turn the TV down, he grabbed the remote and threw it at the telly which cracked the screen.”

The man broke the glasses in two shouting at his mum “what are you going to do?” before pushing her to the floor.

When the pensioner hit her head on a windowsill he unfastened her catheter whilst she tried to crawl to the bathroom.

The son yelled at his mum, “Come on let me fix this.”

“She said ‘no’, he pulled the rest of the catheter out obviously causing her pain,” Scott-Davies told the court.

The mother described her son “always puts me down.”

“He becomes so evil when he has an outburst, he is a nasty piece of work, and a Jekyll and Hyde character.”

She added: “I was upset about the incident as I felt like I’d failed my son.

“I always brought him up teaching him right from wrong, including not hitting women.”

The mother went on to say when Jones was sober he was an amiable son.

“The police attended at the address following three calls including two abandoned 999 calls,” Recorder Allison Russell said.

“As your mother tried calling the police you took her phone, squared up to her and subjected her to further abuse, saying: ‘what are you going to do now? You are nothing.”

“You forcibly pulled out the catheter, an assault causing her great pain.”

“This was a sustained assault with repeated occasions of verbal and physical abuse.”

Jones’ lawyer said Jones has vowed to stay sober since being remanded in HMP Elmley.

“He is perhaps in a better place than he has been in many years to be in a position to address his alcohol abuse,” he said.

Jones was handed 30 weeks custody suspended for two years when he pleaded guilty to causing bodily harm and criminal damage at a previous hearing.

He was told he must complete 25 rehabilitation days, an alcohol program and move out of his mother’s house on a temporary basis.

Andrew Jones has been his mother’s carer for ten years.