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Premier League defend lack of accessible clubs

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The Premier League have finally tackled the accusations made about the lack of accessible facilities available at football grounds across the country.

A recent report highlighted clubs including Manchester United and Chelsea have failed to install a reasonable number of wheelchair spaces at their stadiums.

Accusing the study releasing inaccurate information the Premier League has revealed it will publish its own data within the next few weeks.

They have also highlighted almost a thousand wheelchair spaces have been installed at grounds since 2015 and the number is set to rise.

When a club is promoted to the Premier League they have two years to improve their access for disabled supporters. Clubs such as Burnley, Huddersfield and Newcastle were singled out for having poor facilities although they are still in the allotted timeframe to meet the standards set by the Accessible Stadia Guide (ASG).

The Premier League issued a report this week which read: "Premier League clubs have delivered a substantial program of work to improve their disabled access provisions.

"Rapid progress has been made and the clubs' commitment to improve facilities, and other services, is unprecedented in scale, scope and speed by any group of sports grounds or other entertainment venues in the UK."

"The Accessible Stadia Guide (ASG) offers guidance on how to meet the regulatory requirements for clubs that build new stadia, and provides good practice guidelines for those with older facilities where they are obliged to make 'reasonable adjustments' in adapting their existing buildings."

You can read the full Accessible Stadia Guide here.