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Police barge into disabled woman’s flat in error

Mark and Patrycja Ballantyne
Mark and Patrycja Ballantyne Image credit:

Lanarkshire police brutally knocked down the front door of a disabled woman and her carer by mistake believing she was a drug dealer.

Four officers broke into Patrycja Ballantyne’s flat in East Kilbride around 7.30am on June 28 before reading a warrant which implied somebody in the apartment was selling cocaine.

Patrycja, 27, who has mid-stage Huntingtons disease, lives with her husband Mark who described the ordeal as “terrifying” for them both.

Factory worker Mark, 34, told Scottish Sun Online: We were in bed and I woke up with my wife saying ‘what the fuck’ and there was banging on the door.

“I went into the hall and I could see the door was coming in. I went back to try to get my phone to call the police.

“My wife was sitting at the edge of the bed screaming at them to stop. Moments later they put the door in and then I noticed it was the police.

“They put me in handcuffs and said there was a person dealing cocaine from our flat. My wife was naked in the bedroom and a male and female officer went in and told her to get dressed.

“She said she was disabled and then they got angry and told her again to get dressed. She was then led through to the living room.

“I was protesting and told them there was nobody dealing cocaine from the flat and that I was my wife’s carer.”

He continued: “They started reading the warrant and said a name I’d never heard of before.”

After they read the warrant police started searching the apartment and rummaging around the couple’s private processions.

Mark said: “They were looking about but I could see they knew they were in the wrong place. My wife was utterly terrified.

“I spoke to the housing association and they confirmed to me that my wife and I are the only people registered on the address.

“They kept going on about how they had intelligence, how do you mess that up? Absolute clowns.”

The distressed couple were stuck in their home for six hours after police left waiting for a joiner to arrive so the front door could be fixed after it was battered down.

Mark said: “It was terrifying not knowing who was coming through the door. My wife was really frightened in bed and she was crying.

“I was shocked and stunned at the condition they left the door in. They left in a bit of a hurry.

“My anxiety’s gone through the roof. We’ve also been struggling to sleep at night.

“I’m just thankful I was home and not working when it happened as my wife would have been on her own. It was complete incompetence from the police.”

Mark and Patrycia Ballantyne have been living in their flat since September 2021.