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Nursery bans disabled double jabbed workers

Max Snell with Bryce
Max Snell with Bryce Image credit:

Max Snell has had his two Covid-19 jabs, so you would had thought he would have no trouble working at ‘the job he loves’ – but sadly that’s not the case.

The 29-year-old falls under East Riding of Yorkshire Council’s Independent Supported Living (ISL) where he requires supported care so he can live independently.

Snell, who has hearing loss and brain damage after contracting meningitis at a young age, loved his role assisting disabled people at Mires Beck Nursery in North Cave, but he has been told along with other volunteers including his buddy Bryce, 28, (pictured above with Max) he is not allowed back because he is a Covid risk, despite being double jabbed.

Families of the volunteers believe the decision is “unfair” and “discriminatory”.

Max’s mum Helen told Hull Live:  “It makes no sense why he can’t go back to his job.

“The council is not allowing them to go back because they’re considered more likely to spread Covid if they’re in communal accommodation, while service users who live with their parents are.

“The council also assumes they don’t need their jobs at Mires Beck as much if they have support on-hand, but a middle-aged carer can’t offer what the nursery can.

“It’s like they’ve been retired at 29 and he doesn’t know what to do with himself.

“All I’ve ever done in Max’s life is battle for the next thing - that’s all you do when you have a disabled child. You fight for them because they can’t always fight for themselves.”

A second mother who has a daughter also living in ISL has been told she also cannot return to the nursery.

She asked: “Why are these young people being treated so differently?

“Right now, my daughter could go to the pub and rub shoulders with others without a mask, but she can’t go to her job which is mainly outdoors."

For more information on Mires Beck Nursery visit their website.