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Mum who developed virus during pregnancy becomes full-time carer

Rio with her arms around her daughter millie taylor
Rio with her arms around her daughter millie taylor Image credit:

A mum who contracted a common illness when she was pregnant five years ago is now having to care for her disabled daughter up to six times a day.

Rio Taylor, 34, believes she caught cytomegalovirus (CMV) when working as a childminding assistant.

Her youngest daughter Millie, now 4, was born with congenital CMV, she also has cerebral palsy affecting the right side of her body, epilepsy, hearing loss in both ears and has screaming episodes throughout the day and night.

Leading up to the birth a scan to determine the sex of the child revealed she was be ‘very small’, but did not pick up on any of her disabilities.

Rio told My London:  "As far as we knew, every scan, everything was fine. It wasn't until after she was born that issues started happening."

But despite Millie appearing fine after she was born it soon became obvious "so many things that weren't right".

"It's a small head she's got, it's called microcephaly. They should've picked up on that when she was new-born,” the mum explained.

"She's got a little tiny pithole on the ear. That's not marked down on the notes. She had a very faint rash on the body, and she still has them on her hands and feet and the inside of her mouth."

When she was born Millie “couldn’t feed properly” by bottle, because she had a swallow delay.

"It used to take nearly two hours to do two ounces of milking," said Rio.

Millie’s hearing loss was diagnosed by a test three months after she was born, at first she was unable to hear in one ear but the condition deteriorated leaving her completely deaf.

Her disabilities mean she is unable to walk, so she needs to be carried everywhere by her mum.

Rio said: "She doesn't talk so I have to sort of guess what she wants. She can cry or smile, and is learning to push away if she doesn't like something.

"One minute she's sitting there all happy, playing, then within a split second she screams the house down.

"She gets really angry, she bites my hair, she's starting to hit with her left hand."

Millie’s family has launched a GoFundMe page so they can build a sensory outhouse for her in the back garden.