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Mum of disabled son launches theme park petition

Sebby brettt with lego batman
Sebby brettt with lego batman Image credit:

Last September a little boy with an undiagnosed illness was forced to prove he could walk before he was allowed on a theme park ride.

Now, eight months on, his mum is launching a petition for new attractions to be accessible for people with physical disabilities.

In 2019 Joanna Brett was horrified when her son Sebby was told he couldn’t go on the Ninjago ride at Legoland in Windsor, Berkshire, unless he could show evidence he was able to leave the attraction safely in an emergency.

Sebby, who has a condition similar to cerebral palsy, was humiliated in front of the crowds at the park last summer when he was instructed to leave his wheelchair and walk three steps holding his mum’s hand on two occasions, one after the other.

Joanna, from Nailsworth, Gloustershire is now campaigning for all new rides and facilities to be inclusive for everyone.

James Taylor from Scope said: "It's appalling to hear that what was supposed to be a happy family day out ended up with a disabled child being publicly humiliated.

"Disabled children and their families want to enjoy trips out together like any other family, and shouldn't be made to feel singled out or excluded.

"We'd urge all family attractions to work with their disabled customers to become as inclusive as possible, and put an end to upsetting ordeals like this."

MP for Stroud, Siobhan Baille, said: "When I met Sebby's mum at one of my surgery appointments, I was immediately bowled over by her energy and dedication to stop other children having the same upsetting experience at leisure attractions.

"My own sister has a raft of stories about what she had to go through with my nephew who is disabled, so I fully understand what this family has gone through.

"I applaud and support their desire to make sure it doesn't happen to others.

"There should be no discrimination of disabled children anywhere and I am pleased that I have been able to push this issue forward with Sebby's family."

Legoland was built on the old site of Windsor Safari Park.