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Mother who killed disabled daughter escapes prison and offered new job

Tina Terlato walking out from a shop
Tina Terlato walking out from a shop Image credit:

On Sunday May 9 Tina Terlato sat down with the family to celebrate Mother’s Day down a local pub in Melbourne, despite murdering one of her eight-week-old daughters and leaving the other with permanent brain damage in a vicious attack.

Baby Amanda was killed by Terlato on Anzac Day 2012, her twin sister Alicia was left with lifelong disabilities.

The mother escaped prison by pleading guilty to infanticide opposed to murder and has a new role which sees her working with children.

Her ex-husband Paul said he was ‘disgusted’ with the verdict.

On Sunday photos appeared online showing the killer enjoying a Mother’s Day lunch at the Duke of Edinburgh pub in Melbourne carrying an expensive phone next to a relative holding a box of flowers and her mother using a walking frame.

Whilst Terlato was enjoying an enjoyable day out her now single ex-partner Paul said he cannot afford eating out as he is now looking after nine-year-old Alicia and the couple’s 11-year-old son.

'I'm not one of those people who always handballs kids over to grandparents, or to a carer to have a night out or go to the pub - I can't do that,' he said.

'I can't leave them home and then me enjoy the holiday. We're a family, we've got to do things as a family.'

Alicia now has cerebral palsy from the brain damaged caused in the attack.

After Terlato assaulted her two daughters she placed them back in their cots until they were found by Paul who quickly called emergency services.

Unfortunately it was too late for Amanda, who died whilst having surgery. Alicia was left with a fractured skull, legs, arm and collarbone.

Despite murdering one her girls and inflicting life changing injuries on the other Terlato has been employed by the Essendon AFL club helping children to make banners and participate in activities to Paul’s astonishment.

'Every time I see her face when she poses up with AFL (Australian Football League) players or when I hear about her attending games - it just brings back bad memories,' he said.

'I'm shocked, I'm disgusted, I'm angry. Essendon Football Club and the AFL need to stop her membership and refuse her entry anywhere in Australia.'

The football club policies states criminal convictions don't prohibit people from becoming members of the club'.

'Passing a police, background check is not a requirement. All members of the Bomber Squad are required to pass a working with children check in order to participate in activities like banner making.’

'If a member's status ever changes, then we would act accordingly.’

It remains unclear how Terlato was accepted for her new role.

After the case went public Victorian Shadow Attorney-General Edward O’Donohue has campaigned for the club to readdress the policy statement saying national leaders have an 'obligation to all Victorians to ensure the working with children check regime is working properly'.

The twin’s aunt Michelle Terlato has called for the infanticide law to be banned in Victoria as it has been in Western Australia in recent years.

'We as a family feel that babies lives and children's lives don't really count that much,' she said.

The law applies to mothers with a ‘disturbed’ mind, in Tina Terlato’s case this was used after she claimed to be suffering from post-natal depression.

The infanticide law was introduced in England in the 1920s to ensure women who kill their children are not charged with murder and sentenced to death.