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Model slams old people for not recognising her disability

Rhiannon holding up her blue badge
Rhiannon holding up her blue badge Image credit:

A model with a hidden disability has slammed ‘old people’ for having a go at her using accessible parking spaces despite being in procession of a valid permit.

Rhiannon from Melbourne lives with fibromyalgia, causing her severe pain – especially when it comes to walking.

Becoming increasingly fed up being challenged why she uses bays reserved for disabled people she uploaded a video to her TikTok account, @Daddyhi, to make herself heard.

In the clip Rhiannon says: 'I am legally disabled and as much as old people would like to square up with me about it, I'm legally disabled.’

Pointing to her disabled badge the model says: 'See this [permit], this is really hard to get.' 

'I park in my disabled parking, and put up my thing [permit] - tell me why this old fucker comes up to me and thinks that it is their business to go "you don't look disabled". 

'I'm about to make you legally disabled in a minute, I will tell you that much.'

Rhiannon blasted busybodies for not considering that some disabilities are not physically visible. 

'Do you want me to cut off my fucking legs so that I look disabled enough for you?' she says.

'What the fuck. Like, "oh let me get out of the car and be bent over and limping just so I fit your idea of disabled". Shut the fuck up.'

The video has already received over 128,000 likes and comments from her followers who can relate to Rhiannon’s story.

One replied: 'Feels. I have a life threatening medical condition and their like "oh you look perfectly fine"'

'I have a sticker on the back of my car that says "invisible disabilities are still disabilities". It happens constantly,' read another reply.

A third person wrote: 'I have a certificate three in disability and it shocks me how many people get discriminated against because they don't fit the stereotype!'

In 2019 Rhiannon shared her story on how she underwent treatment to ease the pain which left her with swollen limbs.

On her Instagram page she uploaded images of IV cords attached to her stomach with the caption: 'Swollen is an understatement.

'The lumps that have formed are so painful I struggle to have my top over my stomach. I have to keep reminding myself it's worth it for the relief I'll be getting, but it's hard. 

Rhiannon has more than 49,000 followers combined on Instagram and TikTok.