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Met Police officer beats disabled girl with baton

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A police officer has been asked to stand down after he brutally attacked a disabled teenage girl with a baton “at least 30 times”.

Benjamin Kemp was dismissed without further notice from his role at north-east command after a judge heard how he beat a 17-year-old with learning disabilities in May 2019.

The teenage girl had run from a group during an escorted walk in Newham, she was reported to police by members of the public concerned for her wellbeing.

She flagged down a police car and told officers she had mental health problems, after agreeing to travel in the back seat of the vehicle the girl changed her mind and opened the door.

The Independent Office for Police Conduct heard how Kemp tried to handcuff the girl, when he failed to do so he sprayed her face with CS gas less than a metre away and “Within seconds he started using his baton and then struck her several times.”

Kemp beat the girl for a second time when she was Tasered by an officer from another police vehicle which arrived on the scene.

The girl was beaten at least 30 times.

IOPC regional director Sal Naseem said: “The disciplinary panel also found PC Kemp had behaved in a manner which lacked self-control and did not take into account the vulnerable status of the teenager, who appeared very frightened.”

The six-month investigation concluded the officer who used the Taser “had no case to answer for use of force” and they received “management action” last August.

Ch Supt Richard Tucker, borough commander of Waltham Forest and Newham, said: “He (Benjamin Kemp) overreacted, used excessive force in a very disproportionate manner, and was unprofessional. For that he has been held to account, and has been rightly dismissed from the service.

“I can assure you his actions are not representative of how we deal with situations like this in Newham and across London.

“On behalf of the Met, I apologise to the young woman and her family for how he behaved and to London’s wider communities for the impact this case undoubtedly has on the trust and confidence they have in how we police London.

“They and the people of London rightly expect the highest standards from their officers, and on that day PC Kemp let everyone down.”

The Independent Office for Police Conduct was launched on 8 January 2018.