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EU countries may not accept blue badges

a blue badge bay
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Blue badge holders may not be able to use their parking permits in popular places in the EU because of Brexit.

Talks are currently in place between ministers and 11 countries including France, Spain, Portugal and Italy to whether the badge will be accepted outside the UK, but no agreement has been made.

A list was published on the government’s website last September highlighting EU countries who have not decided if they will recgonise the permit.

Despite the information going live last year the Automobile Association (AA) said there has been no change.

Other countries still deciding if they will accept the permit include Bulgaria, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Iceland, Romania and Slovenia.

The government has suggested blue badge holders to  “check with the embassy of the country you are travelling to for the latest developments”.

But according to the motoring association, consulates had stressed they could not offer advice for disabled drivers until the countries had reached their decisions.

Jack Cousens, the head of roads policy for the AA, said: “To keep blue badge users in limbo is simply unacceptable. Blue badges are issued because of specific health reasons, and to not have their status confirmed two years down the line is simply outrageous.

“Rather than take a chance, we would encourage blue badge users to use drop-off and collection zones where possible while the car is parked in a non-disabled bay.

“While problematic, it reduces the risk of a vehicle being given a ticket or towed away. While the government website asks blue badge users to ask the consulates for further advice on if their blue badge would be accepted, most could not provide any assurances or advice to the AA.

“Both the UK government and the 11 European nations yet to ratify the status of UK-issued blue badges need to resolve the matter urgently and provide clarity for all concerned.”

There are around 2.3 million blue badge holders in England.