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Drug addict steals from elderly disabled victim

kelly collins
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A drug addict stole a disabled man’s bank card and ID so they could access his bank account before returning to their house offering sexual favours.

Kelly Collins, 23, from Hull broke into the home of an 82-year-old man on March 6. She had a drink with the victim before giving him a cuddle.

With her arms wrapped around his waist Collins pinched his bank cards, ID and £160 from his wallet. After the theft she used the debit card to take out £540 at Lloyds and Tesco.

Collins then returned to the man’s house where she asked for another hug and offered him sexual favours.

When he refused Collins, who has a criminal record of 17 convictions and 28 offences, threatened to attack him before stealing his wallet and £240.

Prosecutor Caroline Abraham told Hull Crown Court: "The complainant described having mobility issues, which caused him to leave the door to his flat unlocked.

"He heard someone knocking on the door and thought it was one of his friends who visited daily.

"The defendant entered his flat and he recognised her, but did not know her name. She said she had come with a female before who had previously entered the complainant's flat.

"The complainant offered the defendant a drink and she proceeded to hug the defendant before leaving his address some three to four minutes later. Almost immediately after the complainant realised his wallet had been taken.

"On March 10 in the afternoon, the complainant was in his address and the defendant attended.

"She asked him for a hug and offered him sexual favours, which he declined. The defendant went to take the defendant's wallet and he tried to stop her from doing so.

"She became aggressive and threatened to punch him and proceeded to take his wallet and ran away."

On her most recent release from prison Collins was placed in a house by the probation service. During her stay she encountered someone smoking Class A drugs, being a former drug addict she became hooked once more.

She stole from the elderly disabled man to fund her drug addiction.

Recorder Gavin Doig told Collins: "[The victim] does not have great mobility and has to rely on others he trusts to help him out.

"He uses a zimmer frame and it takes him a while to get up from the sofa because of the lack of strength in his legs. He is not able to manage stairs and outside he uses a wheelchair.

"His mobility issues must have been clear to you when you entered his home, and it's particularly shameful that you went back to commit the second offence.

"He says that he felt foolish because he had trusted you initially. He said he couldn't get out of his chair quickly enough to chase you.

"He's been left feeling angry and shocked and unsafe in his own home.

"He says 'I can't believe what has happened to me. I live a quiet life, I don't go out much or talk to many people - the things done to me have really knocked my confidence and made me question people - I'm often on edge now, and I don't like feeling like that at my time of life."

Kelly Collins received a two year jail sentence and a five year restraining order to she cannot contact her victim directly or non-directly.