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Dr accuses Peppa Pig for NHS crisis

Peppa Pig ill in bed
Peppa Pig ill in bed Image credit:

He’s being labelled as a burden to society, the reason behind the NHS crumbling apart and despite this the smug little swine is still dancing around fields with a cheesy grin.

We are of course referring to Peppa Pig who is being accused of encouraging her fanbase making unnecessary visits to their GPs.

As PP devotees already know, their curly tailed friend is always making appointments with Dr Brown bear…even if she has a slight cough or feeling a little under the weather.

Real life General Practitioner Dr Catherine Bell has condemned Peppa Pig’s behaviour. She says the doctor in the cartoon series “has big demand from patients but provides them with a really good service."

The Sheffield GP shared her storyline if she was allowed to write one of the episodes.

"If the topic was health-related, I would be encouraging self-care for minor illnesses rather than another visit to Dr Bear." She told the BBC.

The news has gone viral and Peppa Pig is trending today on social media!

Peppa Pig hobbies include playing with her teddy bear and jumping muddy puddles.