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Dorries defends social media errors on dyslexia

Nadine Dorries
Nadine Dorries Image credit:

Cabinet Minister Nadine Dorries has defended an embarrassing error she posted on social media saying the mistake was a result of her dyslexia.

The MP, who once called a disabled person a ‘moron’ on Twitter and referred to trolls as Window Lickers, said she was upset for being mocked “for something that is beyond my control".

"I have dyslexia, which means that when I speak I often run my words together."

In a video, posted on TikTok last Friday, Tory MP Luke Evans asked Dorries what her role involves. It in her response when she made the blunders.

The following day Dorries defended her mistakes tweeting: "Dyslexia affects people differently. For me, it affects my speech more than my writing, which is why I find solace in writing."

She added: "I've been in politics a long time and you grow a thick skin. It's why I haven't spoken publicly much about how it affects me.

"For other dyslexia sufferers, we learn that it's what you achieve in life that counts, not what those who mock you say."

A spokesperson for the Helen Arkell Dyslexia Centre, said: "Dyslexia affects around one in ten people and is different for everyone.

"It mainly affects writing and spelling as well as organisation and memory. People with dyslexia, especially with the right help and support, can be very successful in whatever they choose to do."

Nadine Dorries voted against those who have been ill or disabled since their youth receiving Employment and Support Allowance.