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Doctors fail to diagnose mum who suffered a stroke

Alison Yeadon
Alison Yeadon Image credit:

When doctors told a mum-of-two she had high blood sugar levels, she thought there was little to worry about, but the real cause of her illness was much more severe.

Medics misdiagnosed Alison Yeadon when she was rushed to Bradford Royal Infirmary on 9 July, 2017, after she suffered a stroke at home.

Mrs Yeadon, 52, now uses a wheelchair, suffers memory loss and struggles with her speech after experiencing weakness on her left-hand side.

Her husband Jon, 50, told Yahoo Life: “Before the stroke, Alison was fit and healthy and we enjoyed life as a family. Sadly, that’s a thing of the past for us now, and seeing my loving wife struggle day after day is heart-breaking.

“What Alison has been through has been unbearable. Our lives have changed forever.”

Two weeks after Alison was discharged Jon noticed she was having problems with her speech, he called a GP who suggested she should be taken back to hospital as soon as possible where she was eventually diagnosed suffering from a stroke.

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust have admitted they failed to identify Alison suffered a stroke, but say diagnosing her illness earlier would not had changed the outcome.

Jon, from Odsal, Bradford, said: “Alison started complaining of a really bad headache which was getting stronger and stronger, as well as slight numbness in her left arm and leg and that she couldn’t stand up properly.

“I was convinced she was having a stroke so I called 999, but then she was sent back home. Within two days, she was a lot worse and was eventually diagnosed, but by then the damage was permanent.

“Despite what the hospital said it’s difficult not to think how things might have turned out differently had she been diagnosed earlier. All we can do now is help make others aware of what a stroke can do and what to look out for.”

After an investigation into the hospital’s failings Irwin Mitchell solicitors have arranged for Alison to be given access to specialist life-time treatment and therapy.

The family’s lawyer Rachelle Mahapatra, who specialises in medical negligence cases, said: “The past few years have been incredibly difficult for Alison and her family, having to deal with the life-changing effects of her stroke. She is now largely housebound because of her disabilities.

“Understandably they were then left with unanswered questions as to whether or not she should have been treated when she first attended hospital. While nothing can make up for their ordeal we’re pleased to have secured them with the answers they deserve.”

A spokesperson for Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust said: “The Trust wishes to express its sincere apologies to Alison and her family that the opportunity to diagnose Alison’s stroke earlier was missed.

“This matter is ongoing and the Trust cannot comment any further whilst investigations continue.”

Stroke Awareness Month runs throughout May for more information visit the Stroke Association’s website.