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Disabled people are ‘left to rot’ in local hotel

Emma Davies hiding her face behind a door
Emma Davies hiding her face behind a door Image credit:

An Amputee who was kicked out of her flat by her local council says she is “living off cheap pasties” and been “left to rot” in a hotel room.

Emma Davies had her left leg removed earlier this year, now she has not only lost a limb but also her accommodation.

The 37-year-old told Liverpool Echo: "I was living in a flat in Birkdale and then seven weeks ago I was dumped [in the hotel].

"My flat was a fire hazard so I had no choice. There is constant screaming and swearing, the police are here every other day.

"I'm living off cheap pasties, and that is when I can actually get out, which isn't often."

Davies was moved to the Prince of Wales hotel in Southport where she met Roy Brady, who is in a similar situation.

Brady, 57, lost his home through no fault of his own and may need to have one or both of his legs amputated.

“We just get passed from pillar to post, we are overlooked because of our disabilities," he said.

"We aren't getting fed properly. I have no cooking facilities and I struggle to get out to get food. I've had one hot meal in four weeks, we're treated worse than dogs."

Despite having cash Brady does not have a bank card or access to online banking, going out and about is difficult for him because he finds it a challenge in his wheelchair.

“I'm having to eat dry bread and make a loaf last me," he said

"And now they're telling us we're being shipped out, but we don't know where to."

The council has stated they are supporting Emma and Roy who, they believe, have not raised any complaints about their temporary living accommodation.

A Sefton Council spokesperson said: “The Sefton Housing Options team has been supporting Mr Brady as a priority case and had provided him with temporary accommodation in Southport while seeking out options for suitable long-term accommodation.

“As the current temporary accommodation arrangement comes to an end at the end of the month, alternative temporary accommodation in the Southport area has already been sourced.

“Sefton Housing Options has been and continues to be in regular contact with Mr Brady and has not been made aware of any concerns around food provision.

"Similarly, our colleagues at Light for Life, a commissioned service from Sefton Council supporting homeless people in the Borough, have also been in regular contact, sometimes daily, providing food on at least four occasions."

Roy Brady said the lack of a place to wash his clothes at the Prince of Wales Hotel is "inhumane".