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Disabled man loses funds for sex therapy

Thomas Williams
Thomas Williams Image credit:

A man with autism and cerebral palsy has lost NHS funding for sex therapy which he started in October 2019.

Thomas Williams, 30, from Lichfield, Staffordshire, received £25,000 for his personal healthcare budget and around the clock care.

Out of the package £23 was set aside per week to pay for his sex therapy which he spent on 48-year-old sex surrogate Beverlee Lewis who helped him lose his virginity in September 2020.

Williams won his case to receive funding for sex therapy sessions when he was 27 under the Human Rights act.

His disabilities and care needs entitle him to the NHS CHC package of care which is funded by the National Health Service.

When Thomas started sex therapy sessions he spoke to professional therapist Sue Newsome who introduced him to sex toys and ways to self-pleasure before referring him to Beverlee, a sex surrogate from London who  works 'exclusively with people with disabilities, facilitating sexual expression and sexual wellbeing'.

Thomas and Beverlee have been to dinner, held hands in the park and explored sexual positions over the past three years.

But in April a local clinical commissioning group decided the NHS funding sex therapy is not 'an appropriate use of taxpayers' funds'. 

Williams, disappointed with the decision, told The Times: 'There is a lot of stigma around being sexual and being disabled.

'I didn't really see the interaction between boyfriend and girlfriend as something I could have.

'Because it was funded by the state I could basically not have the shame of it being an unsafe or outlawed practice.’

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