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Disabled man fined for pulling over after suffering pain

Kevin roberts holding letters from Excel Parking Services
Kevin roberts holding letters from Excel Parking Services Image credit:

When Kevin Roberts had no choice but to pull over his car for medical reasons it cost him £100 and a potential court case.

The 56-year-old suffers severe pain as a result of wearing callipers on both legs to control nerve damage caused by diabetes.

In March Kevin was driving back from a hospital appointment at Hull Royal Infirmary when he started sweat and feel giddy.

Doing the sensible thing he took a short break at Fraisthorpe Beach car park in the East Riding area of Yorkshire where he boosted his sugar levels eating a mars bars and having a drink.

For safety reasons he had to wait an hour before carrying on with his journey.

Because Kevin, who uses a wheelchair, was by himself he was unable to walk to the ticket machine. A few weeks later he was slapped with a £100 fine from Excel Parking Services.

He told Hull Live: "It was lockdown, so I didn't think there would be charges. I couldn't have got out of my car as I was alone and need help with my wheelchair, and the ground was so uneven that I couldn't have walked to the machine if I wanted to.

"It was apparently the second time they'd contacted me, but I didn't get the so-called 'first' letter."

As soon as he received the fine Kevin lodged a complaint with the Independent Appeals Service (IAS), who confirmed they are investigating his case.

However, just days after contacting the IAS Roberts received a second letter informing him the fine had increased to £160 and he would face legal action if the payment wasn’t made within the next seven days.

 "It's really stressing me out, getting these letters and threatening court proceedings. You can't get anybody on the phone when you call this company, they don't want to know, just as long as they get their money,” Kevin added.

"I don't have much money to spare, I'm on incapacity, and all my money goes on bills. I am willing to go to court over this, I am not paying it. They should be paying me for stressing me out."

A spokesperson for Excel Parking Services said: "There is numerous signage at the Fraisthorpe Beach car park which make it clear that it is a 'Pay' car park and we have supplied a picture of the entrance signage for inclusion in the article. At the time of Mr Roberts' visit, there were two large entrance signs, 45 information boards and two large tariff boards in place at the car park and as such we are surprised that he claims he did not see any signage.

"We did respond to Mr Roberts' appeal on 5 May 2021 which included details of how he could have his case adjudicated by the Independent Appeals Service (the IAS) which, by his own admission, he has sought to do so.

"In conclusion, we are satisfied that the parking charge was issued and processed correctly."

The beach and Excel Parking have been criticised for ruining days out because of the heavy fines.