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Disabled bulldog can’t find new home

Latcha the bulldog using her custom built wheelchair
Latcha the bulldog using her custom built wheelchair Image credit:

A disabled puppy is struggling to find love after she was born with a condition which stops her from using her front legs.

Micro bulldog Latcha is teaching herself to jump “like a kangaroo” so she can live life to the full after moving into Breeds In Need rescue sanctuary last year.

The little hero has spent months at the centre but so far no one has shown any interest to take her under their wing.

Charity volunteer, Tammie Fox, told The Mirror: "She is such a happy dog and is getting the hang of her wheels.

"Her long legs have to be strapped up so she doesn't trip over them, but once they've been amputated they'll be no stopping her."

Tammie raised £700 after Latcha arrived at the centre last October so the team could afford to build a custom-made wheelchair for the dog.

"It was the first time she'd ever been able to walk," Tammie said.

With determination Latcha is now able to scurry through the park which is building her back leg muscle.

Breeds In Need are looking for a new home for Latcha, ideally close to Lincolnshire so they can keep an eye on her.

The team say it’s best her new owners do not have any other pets, need to be at home full-time, patient and if possible, have children in the house.

"Even though she only has two working legs, she is a perfectly healthy and normal dog. She does everything any other dog can do," Tammie said.

On April 10, Latcha will be taking part in Tammie's Disability Dog Walk to raise money for Breeds in Need in Lincolnshire.

You can contact Breeds In Need by email or phone 07817 235023