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Blue badge holder told she is too young to be disabled

Don Retail Park
Don Retail Park Image credit:

A 30-year-old woman was confronted in Aberdeen for being “too young” to be disabled after she parked in an accessible bay on Bank Holiday Monday.

The driver, who uses a wheelchair, left her car in a space reserved for disabled people at Bridge of Don Retail Park on May 31, but she was questioned by a couple of passer-by’s to why she was in possession of her blue badge displayed in the windscreen.

After being questioned the woman was so upset she left the park and drove back home.

She told Fubar News: "After another horrible experience when I parked in the disabled spot yesterday at the retail park where Home Bargains and B&Q are at Bridge of Don.

"I was left crying and in the end I just left without getting my food.

"Many people are lovely but to those who judge someone and start shouting and swearing at us for parking in a disabled space because we are young is disgusting.

"I wasn’t even given any time to turn my engine off before getting abuse from an older couple."

The woman hopes going public about the incident will bring more awareness for younger drivers who need to use accessible parking spaces.

She added: "I just wanted to highlight that to be disabled doesn’t mean you have to be a certain age.

"I’m 30 and can barely walk but when I’m sat in the car all they see is my face and age which is what they judged me on.

"I’ve had people block me in, shouted at me, hit my car all because they judged me by my face and age before they’ve seen me get out with my wheelchair.

"I do always have my blue badge out on display.

"Not everyone is rude like this and I honestly appreciate those people. But to the others who do treat us badly and judge please think before you do it next time. Thank you."

After her story was posted on Facebook a number of people came out in the woman’s support.

One said: ‘I feel for you, I too am disabled and have a blue badge but because I am young they look at you as if u are in the wrong. Folk are too judgmental these days.’

Another added: ‘Been there done that! I remember an old couple giving me abuse when I took parking space closest to a shop once as disabled spots all taken. I showed them my blue badge while I was on crutches but still they kept saying I was young I had no right. Was told I was being selfish so they almost brought me to tears. People shouldn't judge.’

To locate an accessible parking bay in the UK go to the website.