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Blue Badge holder fined for leaving car for eighty-three seconds

Garry White in his car holding his blue badge out the window
Garry White in his car holding his blue badge out the window Image credit:

A disabled driver has been slapped with £200 fine for parking in an accessible bay for just 83 minutes despite being a blue badge holder.

Garry White left his car less than two minutes at Midland Way Retail Park in Ratford, Nottingham, in 2018 to read a parking notice at the entrance to the car park.

But when the 53-year-old was out of his vehicle a traffic warden wrote him a parking ticket because his car was in an accessible bay and not displaying a blue badge.

White, who suffers with spinal stenosis which makes it difficult to walk, showed the private parking enforcement officer his badge, but they told him he would still have to pay the penalty.

Since being fined he has fought a 2-year battle trying to overrule the decision.

Garry, who now lives in Ilkeston, said: "Basically I drove in and when I drove in I wasn't aware there was an entrance sign and that said 'private land' but obviously you can't stop as you're driving so I carried on driving and parked up.

"So I walked up to the sign, I'm disabled so I was a bit slow and methodical, and I walked over to the sign to read it, looked back and there was a guy ticketing my car.

"On a video from my dash-cam you can see it was 83 seconds between me leaving my car and them ticketing me.

"So I went back to the car with my blue badge in my hand - if you go to some places like Asda, if you just show them your badge they leave you alone.

"So I'm showing him my badge and he says that I would be going to CCJ [County Court Judgement] if I didn't pay it.

"Basically I just thought this is nonsense, got in my car and drove off.”

He added: "It was about a week later I got a letter through the post - this was in February 2018 and basically it just rumbled on from there.

"I've got my badge, I sent them a copy of it and they just wrote back saying 'appeal rejected. We know you have a badge but you should have displayed it.

"The court case had to be delayed because I've had issues with my spine and I had to have a hip replacement."

By the time the case reached Derby Combined Court Centre White’s initial fine of £60 had exceeded £200.

The judge dismissed claims raised by the private parking firm, Vehicle Control Services, after Garry provided dash-cam evidence of him receiving the fine when he left his car to read a parking sign just a few metres from his vehicle.

"Finally it went ahead about three weeks ago via video link on the computer," White said.

"I sent the court a link to this video that I uploaded on Youtube.

"It took the judge less than ten minutes to dismiss the claim."

He added: "It went on for two-and-a-half years, it was just ridiculous."

Fines issued by the City of London, the most expensive place to be fined in the UK, typically cost £130 or £80 depending on the offence.