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Amputee receives abuse for parking in accessible bay

Ben McBean holding his blue badge
Ben McBean holding his blue badge Image credit:

A double amputee has been the target of verbal abuse after legitimacy parking in an accessible bay at Derriford Hospital in Plymouth.

Ben McBean lost his left arm and right leg stepping on a landmine during his Royal Marine service in Afghanistan.

He was called a ‘real hero’ by Prince Harry, but when walking back to his vehicle after a hospital appointment a stranger told him he was a dickhead for draining taxpayers’ money.

The war veteran had only just received a blue badge after asking his local MP for help after his temporary one was taken away from him because authorities argued he no longer required it.

McBean told Metro Online: ‘I used it for the first time on Friday as I was attending an appointment about an operation.

‘There were no spaces as usual and then I noticed the disabled car park and remembered I had the blue badge.

‘I parked there and jumped out the car and a woman called me a fucking draining dickhead, something like that.

‘She even shouted about her dad being in the Navy and told me I didn’t deserve the badge. I was shocked but I just walked off. Unless I am in shorts and T-shirt I don’t look like a double amputee.’

Ben almost died from the explosion, which occurred in 2008, but made a heroic recovery.

The 33-year-old only uses his accessible permit when he has no other option.

He explained: ‘I only use the badge if I really need to. Some idiot will judge you by your race or disability. I feel sorry for others who have a disability that you can’t see and face a similar reaction.’

Ben Mcbean completed the London Marathon in 2019.