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Actor swindles DWP out of thousands of pounds in benefits

Garry McGovern caught on camera
Garry McGovern caught on camera Image credit:

An actor has tried to play on his theatre skills by pretending to be disabled so he could claim over £5,000 in benefits, but his cover was blown when he was caught on camera.

Garry McGovern told the Department of Work and Pensions he was severely disabled and he was unable to walk more than 20 metres without the use of a stick or a wheelchair.

The 51-year-old also told the DWP he needed assistance washing himself and cooking meals.

However, McGovern was secretly filmed on several occasions carrying out building and decorating jobs around his local city of Dundee.

He was also spotted assisting a wedding photographer at a ceremony where he showed no signs of having a severe disability.

After the DWP became suspicious they arranged secret filming to catch McGovern out to prove he shows no signs of discomfort which he alleged suffering from.

The actor admitted his disability had improved over time and he didn’t require any help driving and was able to work.

McGovern also said he did not tell the DWP his circumstances had changed whilst claiming Enhanced Mobility and Daily Living allowance.

The films were shown to Dundee Sheriff Court who placed McGovern on a Restriction of Liberty Order for six months and confined him to stay indoors between 7pm and 7am each evening.

McGovern claimed £5,220.14 in Personal Independence Payment he was not entitled to between 16 August 2017 and 3 September 2018.