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Video Game creates safe mental health space

a person looking at depressed twitter artwork mounted on a wall
a person looking at depressed twitter artwork mounted on a wall Image credit:

A well-known face in the social media world has launched a new initiative to promote awareness around mental health based on a piece of art he released three years ago.

You may not be familiar with his name but chances are you have come across the work Thomas Webb is involved with Dua Lipa’s AR filters on Instagram? That’s Tom!

He has also built games for fashionwear giants GCD as well as turning English model Munroe Bergdorf into a crypto-girlfriend.

His latest venture branches from his Depressed Twitter art which went viral in 2018. Going under the same name his new video game provides support for players and their wellbeing.

Webb used the Twitter Application Programming Interface (API) to create a real-time stream of posts from around the world about depression.

When you enter Depressed Twitter you are see real-time tweets from people talking about how their lives are being affected by mental illness so they can feel they are not going through it alone.

Webb told The Face: “Our lives are controlled by algorithms that promote smiley faces and bikini bodies on Instagram.

​“Unless you post a face that’s smiling, you’re not going to get any likes. I wanted to create a space where when you enter, you could anonymously connect with other people’s pain rather than judge them.”

You can experience Depressed Twitter by clicking here.