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Teen runs boxing lessons for adults with learning disabilities

Bailey Greetham-Clark wearing boxing gloves standing next to a punch bag
Bailey Greetham-Clark wearing boxing gloves standing next to a punch bag Image credit:

A teenager from Humberston, North Yorkshire has been spending his Wednesday afternoons encouraging adults with learning disabilities to stay healthy during lockdown.

Bailey Greetham-Clark, 18, launched Be Great Fitness last year to help others in his local area,

His business is going from strength to strength teaching people boxing techniques from the Bailey, who once competed in national competitions.

"When I was 14 I dropped out of school due to my social anxiety. I wasn't coping well at all so I ended up having to take some time out,” Bailey told Grimsby Live.

“During that period, I found fitness to be a great way of helping my physical and mental wellbeing.

"I went on my first run with just a pair of jeans and trainers on. I had no clue what I was doing, nor did I have any of the gear.

"After that one run though I was hooked on the idea. It inspired me to overcome all my problems and I eventually went back to school.

"I ended up winning pupil of the year at my school when I was 16 which showed how far I'd come.”

"I owe a lot of it to my Grandma though, she was my saviour at the time - I even decided to take her to the awards ceremony.

"At the same time, I found boxing and things just went from there really. I started the business in between lockdowns in October last year at the age of 17.

"People probably think 'who would be crazy enough to start up a business at 17 during a a pandemic?' But I knew it was something I wanted to do so I just went for it."

Bailey in ten months into a programme helping adults from Flourish, a local organisation supporting adults with learning disabilities.

He said: "It's been great to get involved with Flourish. I've been giving the clients a free Zoom session every Wednesday afternoon and it's been brilliant.

"After struggling in my younger years, I wanted to give back to the community in my way.

"I fell in love with the group from the moment I met them all, they're such an inspirational bunch.

"We've dipped in and out of contact through the pandemic, but the Zoom sessions have meant we can keep their mental and physical exercise going.”

Bailey’s support towards Flourish has been congratulated by its founder Dave McMahon.

He said: "I've been running the Flourish Centre on Armstrong Street since 2018 and working with someone like Bailey has been brilliant.

"We got in touch with him after seeing Be Great Fitness advertised and got him to come and meet everyone.

"He clicked with the clients instantly and got exactly what we wanted to do. We started with the Zoom sessions and everything has just built up from there.

"For our members it's been a way of keeping busy during lockdown and making sure their health is in good shape.

"Bailey has cemented our ethos about helping one another to improve our health and his sessions exemplify that message perfectly too.

"He's a great young man and we can't wait to do more with him in the future."

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