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Smart Glasses translate conversation into subtitles

lady wearing xrai glasses with the subtitles published above
lady wearing xrai glasses with the subtitles published above Image credit:

A new app can translate speech into subtitles, not only that, it can also display the words on a pair of smart glasses in different languages!

The clever technology works in conjunction with XRai Glass, available on the Google Play Store and Nreal smart glasses.

Real-life conversations are changed into subtitles in real-time so people with hearing loss are able to join in discussions without having to lipread.

The words can be translated into a variety of languages - English, Mandarin, Japanese, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Italian, and German - projected on the lens of a pair of Nreal smart glasses linked to a smartphone.

Users can also play back conversations to ensure they have captured all the conversation and not missed out any details.

Dan Scarfe, XRai Glass founder and chief executive, said: “We are thrilled to announce that XRai Glass is now available worldwide. We believe that this innovative technology can enhance connections for millions of people with hearing loss around the world.

“We’ve worked closely with various partners, including DeafKidz International, and directly with deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals, to test this product and have listened and learned from them all to create something truly life-changing. We’ve been delighted to also witness how XRai Glass can help more people than we’d first thought possible, including people with neurodiversity that make it harder to understand speech and sound, the possibilities of who we can help with this tech grows by the day.”

The technology is being launched with a range of subscription tiers, which includes one which offers two hours free service on a daily basis which projects English subtitles, with a one-second delay and storage to save a one-day conversation.

A second premium package costs £20 a month, provides unlimited subtitles, saves a month's worth of conversation and has the ability to identify alternative speakers.

At the top end of the scale the Ultimate tier, priced £50 a month, offers unlimited subtitles, saves all conversations indefinitely and comes with the personal assistant functionality.

Steve Crump, DeafKidz founder and chair, said: “XRai Glass software is an assistive technology that will make a real difference for deaf people and, of course, for deaf and hard-of-hearing children. I truly believe there will be a pre-XRai and post-XRai timestamp that we will be able to reference in the coming years.

“I can’t wait to see the impact it has on kids, and their families, around the world.”

A pilot scheme for Xrai Glass was rolled out earlier this year.