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Royal Mail Driver leaves kind note for Disabled man

Alex chester holding a toy lorry standing next to his dad and brother
Alex chester holding a toy lorry standing next to his dad and brother Image credit:

For as long as his family can remember, Alex Chambers has always had an ardent passion and love for all things associated with Royal Mail. 

Chambers, 27, who lives with quadriplegic cerebral palsy, has spent the last two years observing Royal Mail lorries that drive on the Ash Flats Lane Bridge a few times a week.

His family have always known his fascination with the colour red and his belief that all Royal Mail lorries are driven by Postman Pat. 

Alex’s brother, Will, told Metro Online: ‘He has been waving at the bridge for about two years now. He has always loved waving at the traffic.

‘He quite often would go out with his grandparents to wave at the cars or to watch the fire engines at the fire station.

‘I’m not entirely sure how we found the bridge, I think it was during a dog walk, but it is a nice quiet road that is rarely used by cars.’

‘He loves the lorry, he wouldn’t put it down, we had to prize it off him to take a picture.

‘He thinks it’s ace and has been showing it off to everyone. When he sees the Royal Mail lorries, he thinks it’s Postman Pat.

‘If they beep the horn, flash the lights, any form of acknowledgement that they’ve seen him, he absolutely loves it.’

The family, from Chester, shared a photo of the note on social media, which read: ‘I drive for Royal Mail and see you and your lad regularly and thought he might like his own [vehicle],’ the note read. ‘Have a nice day!’

Will added: ‘We found him about three hours into it being shared online, he must have come across the post and left a comment.

‘We friended him on Facebook and chatted with him, he’s a really lovely guy.

A Royal Mail spokesperson said: ‘We were delighted by this heart-warming act of kindness by one of our colleagues.

‘We are now in touch with Alex’s family about arranging for him to visit a Royal Mail site and see some of our vehicles up close.’

Story by Aimee Hudson

Postman Pat’s real name is Patrick Clifton.