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Restaurant employing disabled staff reach out for custom

empty tables at dignity kitchen restaurant
empty tables at dignity kitchen restaurant Image credit:

Jobs are pretty hard to come by at the moment - especially if you have a disability, but disabled people are just the type of employees a restaurant in Singapore.

Dignity Kitchen in Boon Keng posted photos of their empty food court on Monday with the caption: “Once again empty tables at Dignity Kitchen."

The eatery has struggled through the COVID-19 pandemic, but wants to offer employment to those finding it difficult to find a suitable job because of their physical or intelligential limitations.

Over 800 potential customers responded to the post on Facebook with around 130 comments and 1,800 shares.

With word being spread Dignity Kitchen was inundated with replies from people wanting to buy their food and supporting the great cause.

On Tuesday the restaurant uploaded a second post which read: “Singaporeans are a very kind lot. We can’t deny the ‘kampung’ spirit still flickers in them.

“A very big thank you EVERYONE for putting a smile on our differently-abled colleagues faces! Your support certainly goes a long way!! Not forgetting the social distance measures which were also in check!”

Dignity Kitchen was launched in 2010 by Seng Choon as Singapore’s first social enterprise kitchen employing staff with mental and physical disabilities.

But the early days were tough, some people avoided the restaurant because they were concerned they would “die from eating the food”.

Disabled staff at Dignity Kitchen are trained to perform job tasks, such as being a cashier and taking orders.