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Rescue pooch becomes a therapy dog

Henry the poodle
Henry the poodle Image credit:

Henry the poodle was facing certain death, the little dog was on his way to a slaughterhouse in China, but fortunately he was saved just in time.

The pooch, who is unable to use his hind legs and wears a nappy after being attacked by a bigger dog, was rescued by the Slaughterhouse Survivors charity.

Henry’s future was bleak, however the little hero is now being put to good use in his new role a therapy dog in Northern Ireland thanks to its new owner.

Sharon Warnock, 56, from County Armagh, adopted the canine after seeing him being put up for adoption in April 2018.

Now given a new lease of life thanks to a customised £400 wheelchair Henry is now helping school children as a therapy dog.

Warnock told Mail Online: 'He's a joy to have around and I feel quite lucky to have him really because he is such a happy dog, nothing stands in his way.

'He just has such a zest for life and for people, he's a real character.

'He has gone through so much and that's what makes him such a great therapy dog.

'He can relate to most things, he was hospitalised, he spent months in a cage, he was lonely and scared.'

She continued: The wheelchair gives him freedom, it's a complete game-changer and it just allows him to be able to do the things that other dogs do.

'I honestly don't think he even realises he's different and it doesn't hold him back in any way, he just sees it as part of him now.'

Henry was turned down by two companies specialising in therapy dogs because of his disability but was eventually accepted by Underdogs International.

Warnock said: 'I'm so proud of him, there is no doubt Henry would have died had he not been rescued from this "shelter" as he wasn't able to move, eat or toilet and was basically rotting from the inside out.

'But now, with all that behind him, Henry lives life to the fullest in his wheelchair and when he's not providing therapy he's meeting his "paw pals" at the park to run and attending motorbike races in his mini biker outfit.

'Henry's love for running and "off-roading" in his wheelchair has meant that I've had to replace his wheels three times, as well as other parts, but that doesn't stop his fun.'

Henry’s wheelchair was funded by Sharon’s colleague from the United States.