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Rescue Bulldog has custom made wheelchair

Gus with his wheelchair
Gus with his wheelchair Image credit:

A French bulldog who became “suddenly paralysed” has been given a new lease of life with a custom made wheelchair.

Gus was experiencing pain from a disc problem on his back, the pooch underwent emergency surgery which took away the suffering but has not gained movement back in his hind legs.

The little hero, who is currently being cared for at the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge in Oakland, New Jersey, loves his new contraption which has given him back his independence.

Gus is still looking for a new family and a "special forever home that can meet his need".

He doesn’t have control of his bladder but according to the rescue shelter he "doing great with his wheelchair and loves running around playing in it."

The refuge centre added: "He's a sweetheart and very loved in his foster home but ready to find his forever."

The RSPCA has put together a guide on how to adopt or rehome a dog.