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Paralysed duck receives new set of wheels

Eileen in her custom made wheelchair
Eileen in her custom made wheelchair Image credit:

A duck who suffered a stroke which left her paralysed legs is enjoying life after a rescue centre is carrying the little hero in a papoose.

Holly Mead – who has saved 68 unwanted animals – took Eileen under her ‘wing’ after the previous owners were unable to commit to the duck’s ongoing care.

Mead, 51, raised $380 [£280} so she could afford a custom-made wheelchair for Eileen who suffered a life-changing stroke being hatched.

The six-month-old duck is now being pampered chilling in front of the TV next to food and water bowls on her new set of wheels.

Mead told ‘She gets very excited when we watch our American football team and jumps like crazy when they score.

‘As soon as I saw her I instantly fell in love. I have other disabled pets and I enjoy giving them the best quality of life they can get.

‘The vet said physical therapy would help so at first I made her a seat out of PVC pipe that she can use to strengthen her legs. She uses it like a “bouncy” seat.

‘Just after Christmas we bought the wheelchair to help her get around and feel a bit more independent.

‘It’s a bit big at the moment but she is still a baby, and will grow into it soon enough. It’ll hopefully get her used to the standing position.

‘She’s learning to use it and we hope that with time and training, she will be able to move it around the house on her own.’

When the duck is due a visit to the vet Mead pops her in a papoose so they can both travel with ease.

‘Eileen is a very happy duck. She loves people and snuggles,’ said Holly.

‘We currently have a chicken called Boo who lives inside because she was too small to put in with our others when we took her in. Eileen spends her days watching Boo in her pen and they talk to each other all the time.

‘The dogs and cats also love her and have accepted Eileen as part of the family. They don’t see her as anything different than just another member of the family. They share a dog bed with her often.’

When the pandemic eases Mead intends to take Eileen to nursing homes so she can put a smile on the residents’ faces.

‘Eileen has been such a wonderful addition to our home,’ Holly said. ‘She helps provide comfort to my father who is in poor health. She brings us such joy so it’ll be great to share that with others too.’

You can follow Holly Mead on Instagram at @mypetducks