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Operation separates conjoined twins

the conjoined twins
the conjoined twins Image credit:

An operation in an Israel hospital has successfully separated one-year-old conjoined twins who have been able to see each other for the first time.

The hour long procedure at the Soroka Medical Centre in Beersheba last week took months of research from medical professionals from Israel and overseas.

Head of Soroka’s plastic surgery department, Eldad Siberstein, told Channel 12 news the twins are doing well and "They are breathing and eating on their own.”

The procedure has only been done 20 times and up until now never been performed in Israel.

Ahead of the surgery inflatable silicone bags were inserted into the babies’ heads and expanded in order to stretch the skin.

The new skin was used to close their heads after the skulls were reconstructed.

Medics also created a 3D virtual reality model of the twins. Soroka's chief neurosurgeon, Mickey Gideon, said: "To our delight, everything went as we had hoped."

The girls, who were born in August 2020, are expected to lead completely normal lives.