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Hot tub helps disabled teen ease pain

Spencer Powell with his mum Emma in the new hot tub
Spencer Powell with his mum Emma in the new hot tub Image credit:

A teenage boy who was in so much pain he prayed to go to heaven has been given a new hot tub at a discounted price thanks to a local business.

Spencer Powell, 18, suffered a stroke in the womb which led to multiple disabilities, including cerebral palsy causing him physical discomfort in all of his limbs.

A few years ago he managed to soothe the pain at a hydrotherapy pool, but when lockdown happened the service was no longer available.

His condition has since deteriorated and Spencer now needs a hot tub to control the pain.

His mum Emma Powell, 37, told Gloucestershire Live how grateful she is to a local company who offered the family one half price.

Powell said:  “We were so lucky to have been given the hot tub at half price by Hot Tubs Rock. After that it was a case of getting everyone together when they were free to get the work done.

“A frame had to be built so the wheelchair could go straight out to the hot tub as there was a step down. We had hoped it would be done in March but I was done in time for Spencer’s birthday.

“Spencer loved watching the work being done. He would be sat there looking through the patio doors at it all coming together and was almost like a project manager for the installation,”

The family have only had the hot tub for a while, but Emily is already seeing how much it is improving her son’s life.

She said: “Spencer goes into the hot tub the shape of his chair but when he is in the water his body almost unfolds. He has contractures where his bones are set but we are able to get him quite straight in the water.

“The first time he was able to get in after so long, he was so relaxed. We are so grateful to everyone who donated to Spencer to get the hot tub and to those who did the hard graft getting it put in, we really are.”

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