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Fulham striker celebrates goal with disabled fan

Aleksander Mitrovic  and fulham players celebrating with Rhys Porter
Aleksander Mitrovic and fulham players celebrating with Rhys Porter Image credit:

When Fulham player Aleksander Mitrovic scored a goal on Saturday it wasn’t just his teammates he wanted to share his victory with but also a young fan in one of the stands.

Rhys Porter, 13, is a budding footie player himself and has not allowed his cerebral palsy and epilepsy hold him back when he plays goalkeeper for the Feltham Bees disability team.

When Mitrovic put Fulham ahead he ran over to Rhys and gave him a huge hug, but there were more surprises for him in store.

The football club arranged for Porter to meet his hero, defender Tim Ream on BBC Breakfast.

Ream tweeted after the game, which saw Fulham draw with Bristol City, "Not the result Rhys Porter asked for but another cool moment shared and experienced."

Rhys hasn’t always received such kind gestures, after posting footage of himself saving a goal he was trolled by hundreds of people on TikTok.

After the abuse he was subjected to Porter supported a campaign run by Scope.

At the time Rhys told Sky Sports News: "I made an account (on TikTok), it was called 'Rhys the Wall', I was going to post TikToks of me in goal and I posted about four or five and I posted a video of me where I made a save, and then it went viral and it had loads of horrible comments.

"It made me feel quite sad, but I try and get over it and I try and make the positives come out of the situation.

"I joined a disability charity and I'm doing 20 saves a day in line with the Paralympics and I'm trying to raise some awareness for disabled people. You can find the positives out of a situation if you look hard enough."

His mum Kelly Porter added: "There were a lot of hate comments, a lot of really nasty comments, people being opinionated saying things like: 'you can't play football you're disabled'.

"It was shattering to read, but at the same time, we know that life and reality can be quite harsh.

"We didn't feel the need to hide it from him but just to address it with him and try and move forward."

Aleksander Mitrovic was named among the top 10 talents under the age of 19 in Europe by a selection of UEFA reporters.