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First Lady encourages people suffering from mental health to seek advice

Jill Biden
Jill Biden Image credit:

The first lady has encouraged anyone struggling with their mental health related to the crisis in Ukraine to seek professional advice.

Jill Biden reached out people via social media tweeting: 'I imagine many of us are feeling the weight of what is happening in Ukraine over recent days.

'Parents are sitting in front of the television with their children, explaining reports from thousands of miles away. 

'Teachers are standing in front of classrooms, answering questions of 'why' and 'what is going to happen next?' 

She continued: 'our military families are acutely aware that events taking place in Europe may have a rippling effect on the future of their loved ones in uniform.'

'In this difficult time there are no easy answers, and that may cause a feeling of uncertainty,' she wrote. 'It is okay to ask for help.'

Mrs Biden suggested people looking for support should visit and military service members and their families could reach out to Military OneSource and Veteran Affairs.

The first lady went on to say she and President Joe Biden were praying for 'the brave and proud people of Ukraine.'

'Our hearts are with our troops and our military families, including those who are stationed throughout Europe demonstrating solidarity with our Allies. We are profoundly grateful for your service,' she wrote. 

This morning, Tuesday March 1, it was reported a missile has hit the regional government’s headquarters in the city near the Russian boarder.

There has also been an explosion in Kharkiv’s Freedom Square which has been hit by a Russian strike.

If you live in the UK and need mental health support please visit the Mind website.