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Family raise money so they can afford bigger home for disabled son Image credit: the pomeroy family

The family of a teenage son are campaigning so they can live in a bigger house so they can provide better care for him.

Sixteen-year-old Morgan Pomeroy from Chester has cerebral palsy, epilepsy and learning disabilities after he and his brother James were born with twin to twin transfusion syndrome.

His dad Rob Pomeroy, 47, told Cheshire Live how having a disabled son has impacted the lives of himself and his wife Sharon, 48.

He said they were "launched into a world they knew nothing about" after their children were born.

"It has been phenomenally difficult. In the first couple of years, Morgan at his best was sleeping about four hours a night and at his worst about 20 minutes,” Rob explained.

"We've experienced sleep deprivation for 16 years. It's a lot better now than it was then, but that's just one of many things that makes life difficult.

"Then there's all the other things like the adaptations you need, getting used to wheelchairs, getting used to an array of different professionals you have to liaise with."

One of the fundamental hurdles the family face is looking after their two children who both have different needs and a close relationship with each other.

"The variety of challenges that Morgan has is very complicated but even more complicated is that Morgan and James have very different needs," Rob said.

"James needs to be out and about, he enjoys activity, but often Morgan's needs are so urgent and we have to attend to them very quickly. We have this constant compromise between Morgan's needs and James' needs.

"That's reduced a little with the care that's now available for Morgan but it's just been a difficult path to walk to make sure we're giving them both the best we can."

Morgan has two carers when he is at school and one carer staying overnight five evenings a week.

The family home has a ceiling track hoist, hospital bed, specialised bath and wide doorways, but now Morgan is growing older he needs more space and a purpose-built home to cater for his needs.

Rob and Sharon have launched an appeal to raise £300,000 which they can put towards a new house.

"We've been wrestling with this probably for the last two years and it's been a really difficult one because we haven't wanted to move and it's not always obvious what the right thing to do is,” Rob said.

"We were initially thinking about some form of nursing home or care that would be good for him but such facilities are extremely rare.

"Then there's James who doesn't like change, he is on the autism spectrum, and he needs his brother around so it's better to keep us together.

"It's been getting harder and harder and now it's at the point where we really need more space."

The appeal has already raised more than £66,000 in just two weeks which included a £1,000 donation from a very generous person.

Rob said: "We've just been astonished, bowled over, flummoxed, full of gratitude, bamboozled - it's not easy to process this as something that is actually happening.

"It doesn't feel real, these are not numbers I'm used to dealing with in my personal life by any means. It will make a big, big difference people have been so extraordinarily kind."

You can make a donation to Rob and Sharon Morgan’s appeal via their Go Fund Me page.