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Disabled toddler becomes best buddies with golden retriever

 Brynn Croot with indie
Brynn Croot with indie Image credit: mailonline

A little girl with a rare disability has become best buddies with a golden retriever after her family brings home the new loveable pet.

Four-year-old Brynn Croot from Temacula, California, was born with leukodystrophy, but Indie can see right past the toddler’s disability.

Golden retriever Indie has turned her life around after forming a bond as soon as the pooch was introduced to their new family.

Brynn’s mom, Cassidy, 27, told MailOnline:  'Brynn's favourite breed of dog has always been golden retrievers.

'Whenever she's upset or has had medical procedures done, we put golden retriever puppy videos on YouTube for her to watch.

'Since Indie came into her life, he's never left her side. Every time she gets a feeding tube put in, he's lying next to her.

'Each morning, he's cuddled up with her in bed. They both love bubbles and he will try to eat them whilst she claps and laughs at him.

'They're inseparable, he's the reason she's always smiling even when she does things she struggles to do, like brushing her teeth and hair.

'Brynn had hip surgery in July, so has struggled to stand, but once we reach that stage, I know Indie will be right next to her, supporting her as she stands up.'

Photographer Cassidy works from home where she runs her own business whilst looking after Brynn.

The mum-of-one said:  'Brynn's diagnosis was a huge shock. As she wasn't diagnosed until she was two, she seemed to be developmentally normal until that stage.

'She doesn't have head or trunk control and is fed through a feeding tube.

'Since Indie first came home, he's been by her side constantly, and every time she sees him, her face lights up. He's one of the main reasons that she smiles.

'The form of Leukodystrophy she has, is actually so rare she's one of the only kids in the world with it.

'She's very cognitively aware but she just isn't able to communicate properly and requires round the clock care.'

Indie became a member of the Croot family after his previous owners struggled to look after him.

Cassidy added: 'Indie is such a sweet dog; he loves pets from everyone and fits right into our little family.

'We love to go on walks, and Brynn will just watch him play from her medical stroller and be grinning the entire time.'

Brynn Croot was diagnosed with leukodystrophy from the age of two.