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Disabled teen receives hundreds of Christmas Cards

 Nicholas Black with his christmas cards
Nicholas Black with his christmas cards Image credit:

You have to feel sorry for the postman who delivers for Nicholas Black, a teenager living in a Florida hospice after his mother made a huge festive effort to cheer him up.

Mum Elizabeth posted a plea on Facebook asking for strangers to send her 16-year-old son Christmas cards so he wouldn’t feel isolated over the holiday season.

The appeal went viral and now the lad’s room has more cardboard greetings then a Clinton’s high-street shop.

Nicolas, who was diagnosed with scoliosis, hydrocephalus, syringomyelia and Chiari malformation as a baby, has received over 500 cards from around the globe and there’s still a couple more days left to Crimbo.

His mum, from Deland, Florida, said it was a “wonderful” surprise for him and the deliveries have “put a big smile on his face”.

Elizabeth said: "Nicholas loves it when the postman brings him mail so I thought it would be cool to put our address out there to see what people send.

"He can get very down and it's so difficult to watch him go through it and I hoped it would cheer him up.

"I never expected this many - I expected he'd get maybe three cards a day - but he gets more than 30 cards to open each day!

"It has put a huge smile on his face - it really brightens his day and gives him something to look forward to.

"It's been wonderful and it has shown people are truly amazing - I'm forever grateful."

Nicholas has endured 49 surgeries and is unable to attend school which at times can get him “down”, but he loves receiving mail.

Elizabeth said it gives him "something for him to look forward to everyday"

She added: "It's put a big smile on his face. It really brightens his day - he loves it when the postman comes.

"We never expected this many people to want to send one but it's been wonderful. People really are amazing, I'm forever grateful."

Nicholas has received Christmas cards from all around the world including the UK, Puerto Rico, Italy, Australia and Canada.