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Disabled Rescue Dog becomes internet sensation

Sarah the recue dog
Sarah the recue dog Image credit:

A disabled dog who was starving to death and partially paralysed has become an internet sensation.

Sarah, an Anatolian Shepherd/ Great Pyrenes mix, was rescued by her new owner Joulie from Michigan, USA.

The pooch was suffering from neospara, she was dumped and when found, in a pretty bad way.

Luckily Joulie nursed her back to good health and filmed Sarah playing and bouncing around the garden to the sound of Matthew Wilder’s smash hit Break My Stride.

She posted the clip on her Instagram account to mark Sarah’s two-year-anniversary of being adopted with the caption: “Ain't nothing gonna slow her down! My special needs dog Sarah, dancing to her own beat.”

The footage gained a few views, but since moving over to Reddit over 4,000 people have been introduced to the happy dog with some heart-warming comments.

One reply read: “What a great doggo - wish I was capable of even 1/16th of that kind of joy for life.”

Another read: “She is perfect and I love her.”

Joulie told the Daily Star: “She kinda just treats everyday events like they're something thrilling and exciting.

“Every day when I come home from work, she's just bouncing off the walls she's so excited to see me!

“Now, I've come home every day for almost 2 years now but it's a huge deal to her Every. Single. Day.”

You can watch videos of Sarah on the dog’s Instagram account.