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Disabled people could claim TV licence discount

a television set
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Hundreds of disabled people could be eligible for a huge discount on their TV licence fee and some could be watching telly for free.

British Goggleboxers with severe vision loss and can provide written evidence of their disability may be entitled for a 50% discount on their bill slashing the annual cost from £159 to £79.50.

People who fall into the category and watch TV on a balck and white box could see their licence drop to just £26.75.

The discounts apply to not only the registered disabled person but also everyone who lives with them if the sight impaired individual is the licence holder.

To qualify for the discount the applicant must hold a certificate which they can request from their local authority or ophthalmologist confirming they have sight loss.

Those living in Northern Ireland can ask for the certificate through their local health and social services trust.

Residents on the Isle of Man are able to receive certificates through the Department for Health and Social Services.

If you are over the age of 75 you can apply for a free licence by claiming Pension Credit.

Anyone entitled to a discounted licence but has been paying the full price may be entitled for a refund, decisions will be made as part of the free TV licence application.

You can change the TV licence holder online or by contacting the TV Licensing department on 0300 790 6071