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Disabled lamb befriends rescue dog

Eira and Holly
Eira and Holly Image credit:

A lamb who is unable to move her legs has made a new friend after being taken in at the Woodfield Animal Sanctuary.

After Eira the lamb experienced difficulty with her legs she found a new home at the rescue centre where she struck up a strong bond with Holly the dog, who is pampering her as though she was one of her own puppies.

Robbie Bartington, co-founder of Woodfield with her husband David Wallis, said Holly, who was rescued from a puppy farm in 2018, is making the lamb feel “loved and safe”.

Bartington told "Holly washes Eira from head to toe every day.

"Then when Eira is very tired after her physio Holly curls up with her head on Eira’s back, as if to say, 'Just rest and I will look after you'.

"Holly was a mum to so many puppies and it’s so sad to think that all those puppies were taken from her.

"Luckily when we rescued Holly we managed to bring her last two puppies’ home with her.

"Holly has such a strong maternal instinct and is being a very special mum to Eira and helping her progress and feel loved and safe."

Eira is undergoing physiotherapy, a treatment which helped another lamb at Woodfield with a similar condition.

Eira was taken to the sanctuary when she was a day old after a farmer noticed the lamb was having problems with her legs.