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Disabled artist marries fiancée at ‘wonderful’ ceremony

Alison Lapper with Simon Clift
Alison Lapper with Simon Clift Image credit:

The artist behind a prestigious statue in Trafalgar Square has married her fiancée in the ‘most fabulous wedding’.

Alison Lapper was born with phocomelia, living with no arms and shortened legs inspired her to pose for a sculpture by artist Marc Quinn which was displayed at the prestigious London landmark between 2005 and 2007.

Last weekend she tied the knot with Simon Clift, but unfortunately one of her loved ones did not witness the happy occasion.

Alison, 56, had asked her son Parys to give her away, but he tragically passed away in August 2019 after he overdosed after being bullied about his mother’s disability and struggling with mental health conditions.

In his memory she wore a diamond ring made from his ashes and a lock of his hair on her toe at last weekend’s ceremony on October 2.

Alison said: 'The ring is the only way I can keep him close to me, so he can be with us on the day.'

She was pregnant at the time when posing naked for Quinn’s sculpture, but she never married Parys father as he left before he was born.

Alison and Simon have been engaged since January 2019, she was determined to give Parys the best start in life after her own parents abandoned her and she grew up in institutions.

Speaking about the loss of her son Lapper said: 'It has been extremely painful listening to the many failings. Parys should never have been discharged from mental health services shortly before he died.

'I hope that no other family has to experience the loss of their child due to failings in mental health services. Parys was a wonderful, bright, talented son who will be greatly missed.'

In May 2003, Alison Lapper was awarded an MBE for her services to art.