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Dad recuses disabled son after family home is set on fire

Brian Hendry standing in his home after it burnt down
Brian Hendry standing in his home after it burnt down Image credit:

A heroic father saved the lives of his wife and disabled son after an arsonist set their family home on fire in Renfrew, near Glasgow.

Brian Hendry, 48, was woken up by the smoke alarm when blazes started to swarm through the house on Saturday morning, May 23, at 3.10am.

The dad quickly carried his partner Nicola, also 48, and 21-year-old son Ethan, who has hearing loss, to safety just before the property burnt down.

CCTV footage caught the masked criminal kneeling down in the semi-detached home setting fire to the premises before his clothes catch fire.

The attacker is then seen running away trying to pat himself down trying to stop the flames.

Brian told The Scottish Sun: “Nicola opened the bedroom door and shouted, ‘fire’.

“I ran out and the whole hall was orange. I managed to run out with my wife then went back in for my son who, of course, never heard anything. My dog Taz bolted inside so I had to go in a third time and get him before running through the flames around the door.

“I ended up with a burned arm but other than that, I’m OK.”

He added: “My son is profoundly deaf and my wife has had kidney transplants. We’re all traumatised by it.”

Brian suspects the fire was started by a person he used to be friends with, the two fell out over a huge argument.

He said: “There’s been loads of incidents over the past few months.

“It’s trivial stuff but we’ve nearly died over it.”

Detective Inspector Neil Martin said: “This was a targeted attack that has been frightening for the occupiers.

“Luckily, nobody was seriously injured.

“We are appealing to anyone who has any information on this incident or any CCTV images to contact us.”

Police confirmed they were treating the horror as attempted murder.