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Books with disabled lead characters

copies of the books mentioned in the article
copies of the books mentioned in the article

To mark World Book Day, March 3, what better time is there to bring your attention to some of the most interesting novels you can lose yourselves in which have a disabled main characters?

Pull up a chair, grab a coffee and order these books which are perfect to take on your holidays or the perfect way to spend a few hours enjoying peace and quiet at home.

All the Right Reasons by Bethany Mangle

After her parents go through a messy divorce Cara shares her emotions on social media singling out her dad for cheating on mom which catches the eye of a TV producer.

Cara and her mother are invited to sign up for a reality show, during the recording Cara starts to fall for one of the contestant’s sons, Connor, who has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.

Nowhere to Hide by Nell Pattison

A group of friends decide to take a stroll through a nature reserve on Boxing Day. One of the workers at the protected area, Lauren, has only just started speaking to her sister Emily, who has hearing loss, after they had an argument ten years ago.

One of the volunteers at the reserve, Ben, has a crush on Emily. Dan is still grieving after the deaths of his wife and son. Alec is an avid birdwatcher and Kai has trouble fitting in with the group.

But when one of them is shot dead the peaceful festive hike turns into a living nightmare.

The Moth Girl by Heather Kamins (Published on March 8)

Anna is diagnosed with lepidopsy, a rare illness which causes moth-like symptoms making her attractive to light and cravings for sugar.

On a more serious scale the fictional illness brings on pain and fatigue.

When she starts to attend regular appointments at the doctors Anna faces prejudice from her own family who do not understand why she has changed or understand their daughter’s condition.

True Biz by Sara Nović (Published on April 5)

Focusing on a number of students with hearing loss at the River Valley School for the Deaf, this gripping novel will be hard to put down when it’s released next month.

February is the school’s head, she lives on campus with her mother, who has been diagnosed with dementia. Things are becoming tough for her, as well as looking after her mum February is worried about the imminent closure of her school and is dealing with her own relationship problems.

Austin has hearing loss, a condition which runs through his family. So he is surprised when his sister is born hearing.

New student Charlie has never been taught sign language, her parents believe she can cope with a cochlear implant which has caused has caused a series of difficulties at public schools.

Chiara in the Dark by Maya Chhabra (Published on April 16)

Chiara is enjoying high school, having ambitions of becoming a professional ice skater and hanging out with her best friend Olivia. But she starts experiencing intrusive thoughts.

The thoughts start to spiral out of control when she babysits for a neighbour and visualises harming the child.

Searching for answers Chiara is finally diagnosed with OCD, but her immigrant parents struggle to understand the condition and how it affects their daughter.

The Many Half-Lived Lives of Sam Sylvester by Maya MacGregor (May 3)

Sam is non-binary and has autism, about to move to a small town in Oregan with his father he is anxious about how this will affect his wellbeing after past experiences have left upsetting memories.

At first Oregan isn’t as daunting as feared, Sam makes new friendships including his neighbour Shep. But when he discovers a teenage boy named Billy died in the same house he now lives in under unsolved circumstances he tries to investigate the cause of his death.

As Sam starts to uncover hidden secrets he receives threatening messages and even death threats.

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