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ABLE2UK Hero: George Shaw

George Shaw
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It’s tough being recognised by a premier league football club. You can show off your skills, talent for goal scoring and Keep Uppies online, but the chances of a professional player taking notice are pretty remote.

However, for nine-year-old George Shaw that is exactly what happened. The young lad has cerebral palsy although his disability hasn’t stopped him practicing his ball skills.

His father, Dave, posted George’s achievements online. The clip went viral attraction thousands of views. One of which was Everton and winger Gerald Deulofeu.

The video captured George in training before he shoots the ball into the goal. Beneath the video Dave added the comment: "My son George [is] so determined to succeed, nothing will stop him."



George is an Everton fan and his favorite player is Deulofeu who sent him a signed pair of football boots and tickets for a game. The footballer told Dave he was looking ‘forward to meeting (him) and (his) son at the Everton game’

It wasn’t just Deulofeu who was impressed with George, Everton FC tweeted: If you haven't seen George's video yet, he is truly inspiring.

"Well done, George!"

There’s one more accolade for young George as well because he has just been crowned our next ABLE2UK Hero!