Manchester United Football Club Disabled Association

We here at ABLE2 always try to be topical. OK, so maybe our Reading festival was later than an appearance from Axl Rose and we are still researching who the hell Ed Miliband thinks he is, but thanks to a certain well-known footballer who is currently dominating the front and back pages it seems the ideal time to tell you about the Manchester United Disabled Supporters' Association. This for the sake of our crippled little typing fingers will now be referred to as the MUDSA for the rest of this article.


Interview with Lewis Hamilton

Under normal circumstances taking a call before a meeting would seem inappropriate especially for those who have travelled a fair distance to meet you. But this is under no ordinary circumstances, the guy on the phone goes under the name of Lewis Hamilton and this call is important.


Paralympic games 2012 stats


Next summer is going to be a bloody nightmare for us, especially between August 29th and September 9th, for this is when the Paralympics take place and because we are a disabled related site it will be our duty to cover this prestigious event.


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